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Retrieving Pinterest Listings
Seller FAQs
What is Sellpin?
SellPin is the world's first pin-to-pin selling platform where users can purchase tangible goods owned by Pinterest users How much does it cost to list an item on Sellpin?
Unlike Ebay and Amazon, it is totally FREE to list items on SellPin, you are only charged a flat fee when you sell your item.. What features does Sellpin have for a seller?
  • Posting your items to Pinterest for sale. Enjoy absolutely FREE listing unlike Ebay and Amazon
  • Your product stays up until it sells so no relisting fees.
  • The 777th listing wins a stay at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas
Who views my items for sale?
Anyone who logs onto our website can view your items for sale. Is Sellpin owner or affiliated with Pinterest?
SellPin is not owned or affiliated with Pinterest.

Buyer FAQs
What is Sellpin?
SellPin allows you to purchase items listed for sale by Pinterest users. How do the Sellpin rating system work?
Ratings are based on feedback left by users who have purchased items from individual sellers. If something is pinned on pinterest but it is not available on Sellpin, can I still buy it?
Only items available on SellPin can be purchased since the Pinterest user has to agree to sell the item or list it for sale. What type of payment options do you take?
Payments accepted are PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover card. What type of gurantees do you offer?
We guarantee that all payments are safe and secure. Sellers are responsible for the shipping and delivery of purchased items.
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