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About Us
About Us

SellPin provides a selling platform to existing Pinterst users to sell the items in their pins to other Pinterest users. SellPin works similar to Ebay or Amazon in that it is a buy/sell marketplace for tangible goods owned by Pinterest users.

The vision for SellPin is to create the first 'pin to pin' selling platform for Pinterest and its users. SellPin makes it easy for you to enter the world of social e-commerce by helping you to sell on Pinterest in minutes!  Why sell on Pinterest?  Selling on Social Media is exploding.  Social media sites provide something that e-commerce sites don't - friend and family recommendations you can trust. The average Pinterest user spends 88 minutes per session. The average Facebook user spends just 14 minutes per session.  21% of all Pinterest users purchased something through Pinterest at an average price of $80 per transaction - this is more than Twitter and Facebook combined.  Pinterest has emerged as the social media destination to sell your goods and SellPin makes it easy!  We hope you enjoy our website - we're still tightening some screws so contact us if you need help. Get started by clicking 'Join Now' below.